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People Can Hardly Contain Themselves

The home gardening trend is seeing major growth as more and more people look to grow food at home. Food safety, food security, food quality and rising prices are just some of the concerns that are causing an explosion in growth of container gardening worldwide. With limited space in cities and little time to take care of a yard garden, people are turning to containers to grow food. People are using all types of containers in all kinds of spaces to grow all kinds of vegetables. Container gardens are popping up on decks, patios, backyards and even rooftops.

Garden Containers Have Their Limitations

Unfortunately, only a few plants can be planted, even in the biggest container.

potted peppers potted tomatoes

The confined space of the container combined with a rapid flow through of water causes plants to grow extensive root systems eventually becoming root bound. In fact, many plants grow a larger root system in a container than in the garden. The rapid flow through of water is the main problem. As surface growing medium hardens, it shrinks away from the inside wall of the container creating a space around the pot. Any water will flow over the hard surface into the space and quickly drain out of the container before plants have a chance to take up nutrient. The plants response is to grow roots where the water flows; to the bottom of the pot. Eventually, all plants become root-bound in standard garden containers. How soon depends on plant type. Tomato plants will become root bound twice as fast as pepper plants, for example. Root bound plants grow poorly and produce few fruits. Not really worth the effort when you consider the cost of the pot, growing medium and time spent caring for plants that will produce just a handful of undersized, malformed vegetables.

There Is A Solution

Fortunately, there has been an exciting development in the garden container market. A new type of container has been developed by New Leaf Technologies. A container that grows more plants with less work in less space.


Imagine Growing hundreds of Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant. Grow thousands of Peas and Beans right in your own back yard using just one pot!


Miracle Pots™

Miracle Pots™ can be used just about anywhere; on small decks and patios or in the backyard. Depending on how much space you have and how much food you want to grow will determine pot size. Our 20 inch Miracle Pot™ is perfect for decks and patios in the city. Our 40 inch Miracle Pot™ is ideal for the backyard or roof terraces.

Miracle Pots™ will transform any patio, deck, backyard or rooftop into a bountiful showcase of vegetables that is food for the eye as well as the table

cucumber plants

Miracle Pots

container gardening

pots eliminate weeding

planters stop root circling

pot use small spaces

containers grow bigger plants

gardens grow more plants

gardening get bigger harvests

garden soil use less water

growing medium grow organic food

home-garden know what you eat

Whether you have a sprawling yard, a roof top terrace, or limited space on a deck or patio, Miracle Pots™ help home gardeners grow more vegetables in a pot or entrepreneurs build a profitable business!


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