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Garden Containers

People can hardly contain themselves. With limited space in cities and little time to take care of a yard garden, people are turning to garden containers to grow food. People are using all types of garden containers in all kinds of spaces to grow all kinds of vegetables.

Unfortunately, Garden Containers Have Their Limitations

Only a few plants can be planted, even in the biggest garden containers. The problem is water flow. All garden containers have drain holes at the bottom to get rid of excess water. Unfortunately, most of the water simply flows out of the container before plants have a chance to use it. The result is a water-starved plant that will grow a large mass of roots until it becomes root bound. A root bound plant will struggle to grow and produce few fruit at best. This is why you can only plant one or two large plants in a pot. Not really worth the effort when you consider the cost of the garden container, soil and time spent caring for a couple of plants to produce just a handful of vegetables.

Miracle Pots™

Miracle Pots™ release the full potential of garden containers, inhibiting the tendency of plants to become root bound in the small confines of a pot.