food crisis, food control, food technology, food safety, food production, food bank, food sovereignty, food shortage

Food Crisis

Food Crisis

Preventing a food crisis is dependent on the development of new agricultural technology and a return to more sustainable agriculture methods such as the implementation of Miracle Pots™, which grow more food per acre.

Food Crisis. These two words are stating to cause alarm in many parts of the world. No longer is the term food crisis reserved for only the under developed nations of the world. Food crisis is now a phrase heard in more now in the developed countries of Europe and even more surprisingly; the United States.



Food Control

Food control starts with the seeds from which our food grows; with companies like Monsanto genetically modifying and forever altering heirloom seed (GMO) varieties. Large agricultural companies are gobbling up small farms on the cheap at an alarming rate, destroying the family farm and local agriculture in communites around the world. As more small farms disappear, the farmers that are left can barely make a living. The corporate farm is beginning to control biodiversity, land, and water. Corporations want control over how food is grown, processed, and distributed, which unfortunately is having the effect of destroying the Earth’s ecological processes, our farmers, our health, and our freedoms.

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Food Technology

Food technology development is the key to solving the world's hunger and starvation problems. In the past, the introduction of the new technology that was part of the green revolution of the 1960’s saw a three fold increase in food production after just a few short years. The next generation of technology food production products could do the same thing today.

Miracle Pots™

Miracle Pots™ grow more food per acre than any of the farming methods in use today. In most industrialized countries, field sown vegetable farms earn between $1,000 and $3,000 per acre before labor, irrigation, seed, fertilizer and spraying costs. If farmers wish to earn reasonable profits they must have many acres under production, which typically forces small farmers out of the market because they simply can't compete. Miracle Pots™ significantly lower costs while dramatically increasing production making small farming operations both competitive and profitable.

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Food Technology


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food crisis, food control, food technology, food safety, food production, food bank, food sovereignty, food shortage



Food Links


Food Technology

Food technology company specializing in the development of high-density food growers for the developing world

Food Production

Food production depends on soil quality and we are losing much of the world’s soil 40 times faster than it can be replaced

Food Crisis

Food Crisis. The world is entering a new era where rising food prices, poverty and starvation will become the new normal

Food Shortage

Half the planet will have to adopt a vegetarian diet in the next 30 years if we are going to avert a global food shortage

Food Control

Food control robs farmers of their incomes and feeds market speculation driving millions into poverty and starvation

Food Safety

Food safety begins at the bottom of the food chain

Food Bank

A Food Bank guards against potential threat from change in natural plant reproduction from the introduction of genetically modified seeds

Food Survival

Food survival was a term virtually unheard of just a few years ago, particularly in first world countries such as the United States

Food Partners

Food partners that share the vision of providing food solutions for both the developed and developing nations of the world



food crisis, food control, food technology, food safety, food production, food bank, food sovereignty, food shortage