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Growing Vegetables In Pots

People can hardly contain themselves. With limited space in cities and little time to take care of a yard garden, people are growing vegetables in pots. People are using all kinds of pots in all kinds of spaces to grow all kinds of vegetables.   

Unfortunately, many people may be disappointed growing vegetables in pots. Only a few plants can be planted, even in the biggest of pots. The problem is water flow. Most pots have drain holes at the bottom to get rid of excess water. Unfortunately, most of the water simply flows out of the pot before plants have a chance to use it. The result is a water-starved plant that will grow a large mass of roots until it becomes root bound. A root bound plant will struggle to grow and produce few fruit at best. This is why you can only plant one or two large plants in a pot. Not really worth the effort when you consider the cost of the garden container, soil and time spent caring for a couple of plants to produce just a handful of vegetables.

Miracle Pots

Whether you have a sprawling yard, a roof top terrace, or limited space on a deck or patio, Miracle Pots™ grow more vegetables, herbs and flowers than typical garden containers.

miracle pots growing potatoes 

Growing Lettuce - Growing Vegetables In Pots Tip 8: Growing Lettuce. Use our clear glass dispenser to easily broadcast lettuce seeds over the growth medium, more...

Growing Spinach - Growing Vegetables In Pots Tip 8: Growing Spinach. Spinach seeds are small so use our clear glass dispenser to broadcast spinach seeds over the soil, more...

Growing Herbs - Growing Vegetables In Pots Tip 4: Growing Herbs. Use transplants instead of seeds. Seeds will add 40 days or more to the growing season - important if you garden in a Northern climate, more...


Here's How They Work

Miracle Pots™ stop root overgrowth by giving them water and air from a raised dome at the center of the pot. The dome also creates a plant growth ring designed to grow more plants.

Targeted Watering

An irrigation nozzle at the center of the dome soaks the soil several inches deep – controlled water flow shortens root depth and inhibits root bound so you can plant more plants.


Acelerated Plant Growth

An air chamber inside the dome permeates soil with air – air prunes root overgrowth and doubles plant growth. A garden hose can be inserted into the chamber and connected to the irrigation receptacle on the underside of the dome. A nozzle may be attached to the receptacle at the top of the dome. Irrigation can be automated by attaching a timer the other end of the hose.


Plant More Plants

The raised dome at the center creates a ring shaped plant growth area engineered to grow more plants and produce more vegetables. With no plants growing at the center of the pot, plant tops have room to expand inside and outside the pot so plants in the middle have room to grow.

More Features

The entire assembly is on wheels - even a pot full of soil, plants and water is easy to move. Each pot includes a special plant trellis so you can grow those tall “garden variety” vegetables like peas, beans and tomatoes in a pot. The flared top is twice as wide as the bottom creating space for expanded growth at the top of each plant.

The saucer turns with the pot – a nice feature when you want to rotate plants into the sun.

The pot is lightweight, UV resistant and recyclable and reusable, year-after-year.

miracle pot peppers


Growing Carrots - Growing Vegetables In Pots Tip 5: Growing Carrots. Soil temperature can be critical for carrot germination. Carrots will struggle to germinate in pots at temperatures below 40 degrees, more...

Growing Onions - Growing Vegetables In Pots Tip 7: Growing Onions. Stop fertilizing in August. Continued applications of fertilizer may cause new shoot growth and stop bulb growth, more...

Growing Beets - Growing Vegetables In Pots Tip 10: Growing Beets. Apply a top dressing of 21-0-0 when they are about 6 to 8 inches tall, more...


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