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Food Technology


Food technology is the key to solving world hunger and starvation with the development of new technology food production products that promote sustainable farming practices and create sustainable communities.

Food technology development is the key to solving world hunger and starvation problems. In the past, the introduction of the new food technology that was part of the green revolution of the 1960’s saw a three fold increase in food production after just a few short years. The next generation of food technology products could do the same thing today.

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New Leaf Technologies

New Leaf Technologies is a food technology company that specializes in the development and implementation of high-density food production products for the developing world to promote sustainable farming practices and by doing so create sustainable communities.

Miracle Pots™

Miracle Pots™ row more food per acre than any of the farming methods in use today. In most industrialized countries, field sown vegetable farms earn between $1,000 and $3,000 per acre before labor, irrigation, seed, fertilizer and spraying costs. If farmers wish to earn reasonable profits they must have many acres under production, which typically forces small farmers out of the market because they simply can't compete. Miracle Pots™ significantly lower costs while dramatically increasing production making small farming operations both competitive and profitable.

For example, growing tomatoes on one acre using 110 Miracle Pots™ will produce an average 540 globe tomatoes per pot totalling 59,400 tomatoes per acre. An average wholesale price will earn a gross profit of $59,400 per acre. An average retail price will earn a gross profit of $118,800 per acre.

Ingenious Design

A Miracle Pot™ composite grower is about 15 feet in diameter, which is made up of a 10 foot diameter center, surrounded by 18 perimeter grow stations. The center may be utilized to grow any type of vegetable; particularly those that prefer warm temperatures and lots of sunlight such as onions, carrots, beets and beans. A perforated weed barrier may be placed at the center to minimize labor. An irrigation device may be placed at the exact center to disperse liquid and nutrient in a 360° pattern. The Little Irrigator is perfect for this. On average, 311 large onions and 311 medium beets can be grown in the center. Hundreds of carrots and thousands of beans can also be grown in the center and for those that are fortunate to live in an area with a longer growing season, two crops of beans are possible.

The grow stations that surround the perimeter are ideal for growing vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Each station is designed to increase fruiting production of a plant. Patented features multiply harvests by as much as three times in a single season.

Miracle Pot


Two or more food stations may be removed to provide access to the center of the pot.


Miracle Pots™ are ideal for greenhouses that grow tomato, pepper and eggplant. Because Miracle Pots™ are modular; the design may be configured as a long rectangular shaped pot 6 foot wide and as long as needed. One long pot easily fits into a 16-foot wide greenhouse.


food technology company specializing in the development of high density food growers for the developing world


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A few of the types of vegetables to plant and grow in a Miracle Pot™.

Types of potatoes that grow best in pots, planters and garden containers include varieties of red potatoes like Red Russet, Norlands and Red Pontiac potatoes and yellow potatoes like Montecello, Snowdon and Mega Chip

Types of carrots that grow best in plastic pots, planters and garden containers are baby carrots, nantes carrots, imperator carrots, chantenay carrots, yellow and purple carrots

Types of corn are divided into five basic categories, which include corn for flour, flint corn, dent or cow corn, sweet corn and popcorn

Types of garlic are split into two main types; hardneck garlic like creole and purple stripe garlic or softneck garlic like artichoke and elephant garlic which is not really a garlic

Types of onions that grow in the garden and garden containers are divided between two types of onions; green onions like bunching onions and scallions for salads or dry onions like walla walla and red onions for cooking and storage

Types of beets for cooking or canning include chiogga beets, golden beets, egyptian beets, detroit dark red beets and cylindrical beets to grow in garden containers

Types of broccoli that grow best in pots, planters and garden containers include head broccoli, italian romanesco broccoli, green sprouting broccoli and broccoli raab for steaming and raw on salads


Green Technology

Green technology companies with products and services that promote a cleaner, greener world.

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Food Technology

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Food Technology


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