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Growing Carrots In Pots

Growing carrots in garden containers may not be as common as growing carrots in the garden but is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the introduction of smaller, short root varieties such as Chantenay and Romeo. Growing carrots in garden containers requires the same soil and fertilizer mix as the garden. Unfortunately, for many carrot growers typical garden containers have a tendency to dry out, particularly during the hot summer months. Dry soil will negatively influence carrot growth and quality.


Miracle Pots

Miracle Pots™ keep soil moist so carrots grow properly. Water is applied in regular intervals on top of the soil below the carrot plant canopy. This promotes uniform carrot root growth and enhances carrot sweetness.

Growing Carrots - Container Gardening Tips

Step 1 – Set up your Miracle Pot™.

Step 2 – Choose a sunny but cool spot. Carrot roots grow fastest at a temperature between 60 and 65 degrees.

Step 3 – Fill the container with a growth medium. Carrots love to grow in a stone free, sandy loam soil with well rotted compost.

Growing Carrots - Tip 1: Growing Carrots In Pots. Fill the pot 2 or 3 inches from the top rim

Growing Carrots - Tip 2: Growing Carrots In Pots. Mixing in a little peat will create the perfect soil for growing carrots in pots

Growing Carrots - Tip 3: Growing Carrots In Pots. Growing Carrots. Placing compost and/or manure in pots 3 weeks before planting carrots will minimize the smell

Step 4 – Plant carrot seeds in pots in rows spaced about 2 inches apart positioned diagonally from one another at a 60-degree angle.

Growing Carrots - Tip 4: Growing Carrots In Pots. Use our clear glass seed dispenser to spread carrot seeds over the growth medium

Growing Carrots - Tip 5: Growing Carrots In Pots. Soil temperature can be critical for carrot germination. Carrots will struggle to germinate in pots at temperatures below 40 degrees. As a rule if the growth medium is cold to the touch then do not plant. Typically, carrots will germinate in 11 days in pots where growth medium is above 55 degrees

Step 5 – Water as needed; first watering the growth medium ring, then watering directly on top of the dome at the center of the pot once carrots develop their tops.

Growing Carrots - Tip 6: Growing Carrots In Pots. Do not water on top of the dome aperature before carrot seeds have a chance to germinate and develop or seeds will wash over to the side of the pot

Growing Carrots - Tip 7: Growing Carrots In Pots. Avoid watering carrot tops from above in pots to inhibit carrot wilt and brown root

Step 6 – Fertilize as soon as carrot tops are 3 or 4 inches tall. A pH value between 5.5 and 7.5 is the ideal range for growing the best tasting carrots.

Growing Carrots - Tip 8: Growing Carrots In Pots. Adding potassium will make carrots sweeter. A natural source for Potassium is wood ash

Growing Carrots - Tip 9: Growing Carrots In Pots. Adding too much Nitrogen will cause branching and grow hairy roots

Growing Carrots - Tip 10: Growing Carrots In Pots. Never work fresh manure into the soil because it encourages forking

Growing Radishes - Tip 7: Growing Radishes In Pots. For sweeter radishes, water every day and keep the soil moist

Did You Know? The domesticated honeybee may get all the glory, but when it comes to pollinating and growing carrots, (yes, some carrot varieties need pollination), one tiny alfalfa leafcutter bee can do the job of 20 honeybees, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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